From Ruth's Kitchen . . . .

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Don't See It On The Shelf, Ask The Manager, "Why?"

Now Available At Fareway Stores!!

Can you bottle yummy?


You put it in a jar.

Goes great with hamburger meat!

  • Ruth liked being able to provide essential minerals and vitamins to her family without the fuss over eating vegetables
  • When on the farm, Ruth would feed "the crew" soup for "supper" knowing it would warm them, rehydrate them, and have them back out in the fields feeling full
  • When Ruth's kids had sore throats or sinus pressure, she'd soothe them with a warm bowl of Avondale's Best Vegetable Soup.

You can't give your family nutrition if they don't eat it!

Ruth of Avondale

Healthy is tasty!!

Avondale's Best Vegetable Soup

For over 60 years Ruth Menefee worked in the kitchen of her home creating delightful meals and treats for her husband Bob, their five children, fourteen grandchildren, and  a quickly expanding brood of great grandchildren.